Accepted Home Purchase Offer

Home Inspection

We recommend credible home inspectors to you and make the arrangements on your behalf.  It’s important to hire a registered home inspector from the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors.

Lawyer Selection

We recommend lawyers with a specialization in residential real estate and forward all documentation to them on your behalf.

Setup Utilities and Insurance

Gas, hydro, water heater rental, cable, telephone, insurance, mail forwarding, etc.

Meet Lawyer

You will meet with your lawyer to sign documents in person prior to the completion date.  Your lawyer will provide you with a financial statement indicating the amount of money you will be required to bring to the meeting.

Final Walkthrough

We will view the property prior to the completion date to ensure the property is clean and that no unwanted junk has been left behind.  We will also test the heating and cooling systems, garage doors, appliances, fireplaces, toilets, etc. to make sure they are in good working order.

Closing Day

Congrats, time to pick up the keys and celebrate!

View Closing Costs