Questions to Ask Your London Real Estate Agent Before Listing

When selling your home and looking for a great London real estate agent, there are several questions you should ask every Realtor before hiring them.  Many people just go with their gut instinct when choosing one or on recommendations from friends or family but if you want your home to sell fast and smoothly you should think out a few things first.

The first thing is finding someone who is impartial and who you can have a straight talk with.  You’ll be spending a lot of time with this person so you’ll want to find someone that you feel you can get along with.  At some point, they may gain knowledge of your finances so you need to be comfortable with that.  If you know the Realtor personally this can make things a bit difficult as you’ll be likely to disagree with them at times and ask some tough questions.  It’s also important to find someone whose style matches your own.  If you’re a real go-getter then find someone with a similar mindset or otherwise.  You need to like the person otherwise how can you expect potential Buyers to like them?

Choose someone who is qualified, ethical and knows the market inside and out.  They need to be able to answer all your questions and most importantly, listen to you when you have concerns.  Here are some questions you should ask a Realtor when interviewing them about selling your home.

How Long Have You Been in The Business?

Experience shows in the real estate business.  There is no bar exam or school that teaches a Realtor how to handle every problem.  Most learn on the job so the longer they’ve been in the business, the more they know.  That said there’s nothing wrong with hiring an agent with little experience.  They’ll have more time for you and so long as they have access to more experienced mentors and have had competent training.

Can You Provide References?

Even new agents have references from previous employers, so ask to see them if they're new to the business.  Realtors who have been in the game long enough will have plenty of online reviews so that may be enough to assure you.

What Sets You Apart From The Competition?

Any good agent who understands the business will have no problem answering this.   Everyone has their own standards so you want to find someone whose values agree with yours.

Can I Review Documents I Will Have to Sign Beforehand?

A good Realtor will have these documents available for you at the interview.  For a Seller, the main documents you will need are:

  • Agency disclosure

  • Listing agreement

  • Selling disclosure

How Much Do You Charge?

This is the big question all home sellers want to know.  All rates are negotiable but typically a Realtor will charge 1% to 2.5% on one side of the transaction.  A Listing Agent may for instance charge 2.5% for themselves and another 2.5% for the Buyer’s agent for a total of 5%.  Just like anything else, you get what you pay for in real estate.

Can You Offer Any Sort of Guarantee?

What is the company’s or agent's policy with canceled agreements?  If you sign an agreement with an agent and find later you aren't happy with the transaction, will they let you cancel the agreement?  It's important to know whether the agent will stand by you through the whole selling process.

When arranging an interview with a Realtor, have all your questions ready and do a bit of research on the current housing market so you can have a better idea of what you’re getting.  A good agent should be able to answer all your questions with confidence and be able to guarantee that they are working in your best interests.

Give us a call and we will answer any questions you have about the real estate market and our services available to you. We have the experience and the knowledge to make all of our clients' experts in their own right when it comes to buying and selling homes here in London.